Winston County AL Probate


"Near Atlanta, Near Birmingham, Near Perfect" is a popular slogan used to describe Calhoun County.  As many visitors to the area agree, we are fortunate to enjoy many other exceptional qualities in addition to our convenient geographical location. 

Among Calhoun County’s other remarkable features are abundant, high quality water resources.  Since 1873, the Anniston Water Works has been the leader in the area managing the regions premier water resource, the Coldwater Spring.  With a historical average flow of thirty-two million gallons each day, the spring is also widely known for its outstanding water quality.  In fact, the spring water has been used as a source for bottled water in the past.

To further enhance Calhoun County’s abundant water resources, Anniston Water Works also manages two of the areas most outstanding surface water reservoirs.  The Hillabee Reservoir and the Sam Hamner Reservoir both share the same, superb, high quality water as the Coldwater Spring.  The Talladega National Forest, surrounding both reservoirs, provides natural watershed protection as well as beauty that is unrivaled!  Together, these splendid resources represent a potential delivery of over fifty million gallons of high quality water each day ..Plenty of "Fuel for the Future!"