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Thursday, November 23 2017
  Thanksgiving Day (Offices Closed)

Friday, November 24 2017
  Day after Thanksgiving (Offices Closed)

Monday, December 25 2017
  Christmas (Offices Closed)

Tuesday, December 26 2017
  Christmas Vacation (Offices Closed)

Monday, January 1 2018
  New Year's Day (Offices Closed)

Monday, January 15 2018
  Martin Luther King Day (Offices Closed)

If you have a disruption in your WATER SERVICE or are experiencing problems with your SEWER SERVICE, you are encouraged to immediately call us at our Emergency Service Number (256-241-2000) for 24/7 response.

If a sewer problems results in sewage in a residence or other building, please contact the Alabama Department of Public Health (256-237-4324) for cleanup guidance. 

Our Mission

Service - by providing high quality drinking water to our customers on demand while maintaining our plants and equipment to facilitate economic growth and development.

Protection of the environment and public health - through responsible wastewater treatment and source water protection.

Continuous improvement - of our processes and personnel to achieve the highest standard of customer satisfaction and to meet or exceed all water and wastewater quality standards.

    Check out the Service Line Warranty Program.  
(Also see "Frequently Asked Questions" for more info.)  

DID YOU KNOW? Nearly 1.2 trillion gallons of water are used in the United States each year just for showering.  You can shorten your shower one minute and save 550 gallons of water per year.  Switch to a conservation shower head and save 2,900 gallons per year!  (Source: The Water Sense Current EPA, Fall 2016)