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Equipment Bids

2019 - Auto Crane Boom   (Closed)  

2019 - RFP Security Camera Systems (Closed)  

2013 - Mechanically Cleaned Bar Screen (Closed)  

2013 - Large Format Imaging System (Closed) 

Materials Bids

None at this time.

Project Bids

2019 - CCTV (Phase II) (Open)  

2019 - Sewer Sliplining Project  (Closed)

2018 - CCTV (Phase I) (Closed)

2018 - Sewer Rehab Project (Closed)

2017 - Quote for Replacing one 16" Altitude Valve, two 16" Hand Wheeling Valves & one Slanting Disc Valve  (Closed)

2016 - Wastewater Sludge Dewatering, Handling, Hauling & Disposal Services  (ClosedResolution rejecting "Wastewater Sludge Dewatering, Handling, Hauling & Disposal Services" Bids

2016 - 30" Interceptor Sewer, Phase II (Closed)  

2016 - Re-Roofing of CCWWTP Pump House  (Closed)

2015 - 30" Interceptor Sewer (Closed)

2013 - Honda Pipeline Project, Phase II  (Closed)

Advertisement Publishing in The Anniston Star on August 21st

Services Bids

2019 - Janitorial and Cleaning Services  (Closed)

Surplus Equipment Bids

None at this time.