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2018 Sewer Rehab Project Bid

Bid Deadline:  Thursday, February 8th at 10:00 AM
Anniston Water Works
931 Noble Street, Suite 200
Anniston, AL  36201
Project Contact:  Phillip Burgett, PE

Bid Results
Bid Tab and Attendance  
Bid Tabulation  

Div 1    Sewer Rehab Contract Documents  
Div 2    Pipe Condition Assessment  
Div 3    Sewer Pipe Cleaning  
Div 4    Smoke Testing  
Div 5    Pipe Bursting  
Div 6    CIPP  
Div 7    FP  
Div 8    Manhole Rehab  

Ex. 1    PACP Fields  
Ex. 2    Project Map  
Ex. 3    Project Site  
Ex. 3a  Project Site  
Ex. 4    Original Construction Drawing  
Ex. 5    Pipe 2482 DS  (Video)
Ex. 5a  Pipe 2482 US  (Video)
Ex. 6    Pipe 2472 DS  (Video)
Ex. 6a  Pipe 2472 US  (Video)

Add 1  Sewer Pipe Rehab